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Porsche Macan Left Hanging Out Of A Tall Car Park After Freak Accident

A Russian pro hockey player and his family had a lucky escape after this bizarre accident at a multi-storey car park

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Image via Mockba24/YouTube
Image via Mockba24/YouTube

If you’re not keen on heights, you may wish to avert your gaze. In Moscow on Tuesday, a Porsche Macan was seen poking out of a multi-storey car park after a bizarre accident.

Russian pro hockey player Denis Kazionov was driving the car at the Riverpark residential development with his wife and son on board when it started sliding. The smooth concrete surface was covered in snow due to the building only being partially covered, and Kazionov wasn’t able to stop the Porsche before it hit the wall.

The SUV punched a hole in it, showing the ground below with debris. Thankfully, the car was stopped by a metal beam that came into contact with the windscreen, leaving the front wheels hanging over the edge several stories up. Had it been a different kind of vehicle, perhaps a low-slung sports car, the outcome might have been a little different.

A video on Riverpark’s feed on instant messaging platform Telegram shows the Porsche being jacked up to lift it clear over the low beam and painfully extracted on Wednesday. That said, it seems to have emerged from the ordeal in reasonable shape. Before being ‘rescued’, the Macan provided an entertaining photo op for locals.

Source: Mockba 24 via Motor 1