Of Course The Ferrari Enzo Has Awesome Quirks

Doug DeMuro casts his analytical eye over Ferrari's V12 hypercar, and yes, there are quirks and features aplenty...

Remind me later

The Ferrari Enzo is a well-known car. We all know it’s the mid-engined, V12-powered successor to the F50. You’re probably well aware that it kicks out 660bhp, and that only 400 were made. Perhaps you’ve heard that the 400th was donated to Pope John Paul II.

But what about the car’s weirder features? Watch this video from Doug DeMuro giving an overview of the Enzo, and I’m certain you’ll learn at least one new thing about the car. Most likely more.

For instance, there’s its odd engine cover opening procedure, the fact it has a battery cut-off switch, and the weirdly shaped windscreen wiper to consider. The fuel filler cap is a weird touch since it’s part of the engine cover assembly, and how can you not love those weird circular window winders?

Sit back, relax, and get ready for 28 minutes of gloriously fastidious quirk hunting.