5 reasons why Motorsports are actually not boring!- #Blogpost by Szymek S

5 reasons why Motorsports are actually not boring!- #Blogpost by Szymek S - Motorsport


Hello CTzens, how are you all doing today? I’m doing quite good myself, thanks for asking! I think we have all been in that situation where we have been invited to go to a cinema, but had to decline because F1 was on. Trust me when I say this: whenever you say that you are going to watch F1 or any other Motorsport for that instance your friends will be like: “F1? But that is boring! What’s fun in seeing 24 drivers go around the track for an hour and 30 minutes?”. Well in this article I’m going to give you some arguments of why Motorsports are actually quite awesome and definitely not boring. Let’s hop right into it!

Reason Numero Uno- The Variety!

There is something for everybody. Motorsports aren’t limited only to F1 and Rally. There are so many interesting disciplines. My favourite being F1, Formula Drift and Rallycross. You can root for your favourite team and driver (which I’ll go more into detail later on). Most of them are in no way similar to each other which is absolutely awesome, because if you get bored of one, you can just watch a different one!

  • You want to see two drivers going at it in a straight line: Drag racing is something for you!
  • You want to see two drivers going at it wiggling their rears all over the place: Formula Drift!
  • You want to see many drivers going at it in ridiculous cars all over the world: Formula One!
  • You want to get all muddy watching light, powerful cars: Rallycross Bro’ !
  • You want to see a lot of drivers going at it, turning only left: NASCAR brother!
  • You want to see riders going at it all over the world: Moto GP is the thing!

Reason Numero Duo: Root for your favourite team and driver!

It is similar to soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey or volleyball. You chose your favourite player (Leo Messi for instance) and your favourite team (FcBarcelona) and you watch them play every single week, comparing their results week after week, you want them to win their league! It is the same in Motorsports! You chose your favourite driver (Max Verstappen) and your favourite team (Ferrari [I know this doesn’t fit my favourite driver]) and you watch them race in mostly exciting races (unless it’s in Baku) in beautiful locations all over the world for several months. Or you can choose one favourite driver (Forrest Wang) in one discipline (Formula Drift) and you root for them in every event!

Mr. Forrest Wang, in my opinion one of the best (if not the best) driver in Formula Drift
Mr. Forrest Wang, in my opinion one of the best (if not the best) driver in Formula Drift

Reason Numero Trio- Spectacular Overtakes

We have seen this over and over again with drivers like Max Verstappen, Kimi Raikkonen, Robert Kubica and of course Ayrton Senna. The balls those guys have to stick some of those overtakes are probably bigger than the amount of regretful people who decided to invest in GBP two weeks ago… It is truly amazing to see how those people are committed to being faster than others, so they’ll do things like those you can see below.

2 MB

Reason Numero Quattro- The amazing evolution of cars

This one is one of the most interesting things in motorsports. How much have they changed in those years. With Rally going through stages of Group B which was utterly crazy or when we could see Volvos and Alfas in DTM and now we can only see BMW, Mercedes and Audi. Or when some of cars racing in F1 had six wheels, because why the hell not! It truly is amazing for me how fast is our world changing and the same things go for Motorsports. Who could have predicted in the 80’s that this new thing from Japan called drifting will become a motorsport in few years. Or that F1 cars will be powered by a V6 engine and Bernie will still (unfortunately) be in charge of it all.

Reason Numero Cinque- Some of them you can do by yourself!

It is not very expensive to get into amateur drifting or rallying, all you need is a beater car which you can sometimes find on craigslist for less than 500$. It is more difficult to get to professional level, but if you strive and commit you life to it, it is doable. You can go karting for like 5-10$ which is a lot of fun, or you can play video games like Forza, Dirt Rally or Asseto Corsa which are a lot of fun and let you explore the motorsport you are interested in.

Conclusion and Bye Bye

In conclusion, motorsports are bloody awesome and not boring and if your friends say they are, then they are wrong! Don’t let other people’s negativity influence your love towards something!

I hope you guys have enjoyed this little write-up of mine. What are the reasons that make you love motorsports? Let me know in the comments!
Szymek S