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Now's Your Chance To Buy The Chevy Nova From Quentin Tarantino Movie 'Death Proof'

The star of Tarantino's 2006 movie 'Death Proof' was undoubtedly the Chevy Nova - and now it's up for sale

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f53ifq The Chevrolet Nova that was used in Quentin Tarantino's 2006 movie Death Proof is now up for sale on eBay. Of the seven cars made for the movie, only two survived - this one, and a stunt car that was given to stunt driver Buddy J. Hooker. ?????????????????????? Under the hood sits the original 350 V8, but that's about all that remains. The parts list is vast, including an uprated transmission, 650 Edelbrock carburetor, B&M shifter and a full roll cage to name but a few. ?????????????????????? Some interesting additions that set this movie prop apart from standard Novas include a front bulkhead removal (which allowed air conditioning to be pumped through to the actors) and towing rigs used during dialogue shots. The car has also been aged and rusted, before being sealed, to give it that brilliant rustic look. ?????????????????????? The car is in fully working order and has had the engine turned on regularly to allow the fluids to keep circulating. Unfortunately, it is not road legal, so unless you have your own private race track it'll have to sit on display in your living room. ?????????????????????? To find out more, check out the eBay listing. It has only had one bid so far, so expect it to far exceed the current $40k price.