Nordschleife Expert Gives Accurate 'Ring Lap Pacenotes While Blindfolded

Misha Charoudin can be seen calling out reference points during a fast 'Ring lap, to see just how well he knows the Nordschleife

Remind me later

Nurburgring vlogger Misha Charoudin has lived, raced and instructed at the ‘Ring for about five years. By his estimations, he clocks around 1000 laps a year, which got the man thinking - could he navigate his way around the Nurburgring blindfolded?

Doing so behind the wheel of a car would likely take a smashy turn quite quickly, so for the next best thing, Charoudin hopped in the passenger seat of a Mercedes-AMG GT R. He attempted to deliver pacenotes to driver Andy Gülden, putting his Nordschleife knowledge to the ultimate test.

Nordschleife Expert Gives Accurate 'Ring Lap Pacenotes While Blindfolded - Nürburgring

Calling out reference points like marker boards, certain sections of Armco barrier and even particular bits of graffiti, Charoudin visualised his way around the Green Hell while being driven flat out in AMG’s 911 GT3 RS rival. While also telling off Gülden for the odd bit of drifting.

Check out the video to see how he got on. We suspect you’ll come away impressed.