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9 Sexiest Car Design Details You Want - And One You Can’t Have

These slices of intricate design genius are so gorgeous they’re practically explicit. Which is your favourite?

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Warning: Parental Advisory – Lush content ahead.

1. Audi RS petal brake discs


To save 3kg in weight, Audi take a brand new brake disc and mill the edges down to create a flower petal shape, like a mountain-bike’s stoppers. Gorgeous attention to detail that actually helps handling.

2. Lamborghini Aventador headlights


Any Lambo is covered in superb detail and sculpture, but among the Aventador’s crazy lines you might have missed the cute LEDs nestling like tear ducts next to the big main beam ‘eye’. Way to give a car character

3. McLaren MP4-12C pedals


Milled from solid aluminium, lightweight, and so cool-looking. When McLaren have designed the bits you can’t see or touch with your hands this nicely, it bodes well for the rest of the car.

4. Ferrari sport tailpipes


The noise that comes out of the back of any Ferrari is pretty special, but these dual-layer, drilled exhaust pipes are so crisply finished, it could sound like a London taxi and you’d still want to admire the ‘pipes. Step away from the carbon trim and option these bad boys on your 458 Spider or FF instead.

5. Audi R8 open-gated manual gearbox


Forget the whole ‘save the manuals’ playfight for a minute and just admire the sheer simplistic beaty of a milled aluminium lever with a fluted knob and a polished gear gate. Even if this was as clunky as an R-tronic R8, it’d still be worth putting up with for dat gearlever

6. Lexus IS headlights


What the hell is a Lexus repmobile doing here? Granted, this could prove controversial, but I reckon it’s a really cool piece of design to separate the LED running lights and headlight clusters, but make them ‘join up’ when lit at night. If anything, it distracts from that shocking grille…

7. Pagani Huayra wingmirrors


We could have had a whole list of pornographic details found on Paganis, but the best of the best is the teardrop carbonfibre wingmirrors, shaped like a woman’s eye and mounted on impossibly spindly carbon spars.

8. Citroen DS3 Cabrio rear lights


Citroen’s DS3 Cabrio is already so overtly arch-funky it’s in danger of being over-designed, but credit to the designers for coming up with this ‘infinity light’ signature. Pity you can only see it at night…

9. Peugeot RCZ roof

RCZ-6 Any coupe lives and dies by its looks, and the RCZ deserves motoring immortality thanks to its double-bubble carbonfibre roof, silver rails and curved rear glass. It probably cost Peugeot more to carry that roof over from the concept car than the whole 208 GTi project swallowed, but it was well worth it.

10. Jaguar C-X16 concept badge


You can’t buy the C-X16, or a coupe F-type yet, and when you do it won’t have a Jaguar wearing sunglasses on the front. It should though. Smacks of confidence that the car’s cool (which it is) and that Jag has a sense of humour (which few car companies do).