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Motorbike Rider Retaliates After Having His Mirror Clipped By A Truck

Displeased by a truck clipping their wing mirror, this biker decided to respond in kind...

Remind me later

There’s no getting away from it: as a biker, you’re simply much more vulnerable than other road users. As such, when there’s a close call caused by another vehicle, it can often cause anger.

For the perfect example, we have this clip from Changhua City, Taiwan, filmed last week. A lorry is seen driving so close to a motorbike, that the latter vehicle’s mirror is knocked in. The rider then decided to make his displeasure known by ‘returning the favour’.

The moment the rider exacted their revenge...
The moment the rider exacted their revenge...

They’re seen riding up to the side of the truck, and smashing one of its wing mirrors, much to the apparent shock of the driver.

What do you think, CTzens: an overreaction, or were the biker’s actions justified?