James Mackintosh 6 years ago 0

Moscow Unlimited 500+

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They go hard in Russia.  No joke,  racing in Russia is serious business.  Some might say that in Russia, racing drives you.  Anyway, if you haven't heard of the Moscow Unlimited 500, you need to check out this YouTube video.  It's 47 minutes long and you can watch it in HD - I recommend some earphones so you can really hear the cars.


It's a mile-long drag race held about 50 kilometers northwest of Moscow, and only a limited number of participants are invited - general guidelines being at least 500bhp and the ability to do 300km/h (186mph) in the standing mile.  So everything from Koenigseggs to Ram SRT-10's show up.  A driver in a fully race-prepped Evo set a record time of 23.911 seconds in the standing mile - which is frankly absurd.  Interesting to note that the Veyron finished Seventh (behind the Evo, two bikes, and four tuned GT-R's) as well.  There are many more interesting race matches to see in the video; it's worth a watch for the racing and the personalities as well.  The next one will be held May 19 and 20 of this year - I doubt I'll be able to make it out.  Maybe we have a reader closer to Moscow?  If you want to see the results from 2011, the Google translate link is here.