Mercedes SLS Shooting Brake - The SLS You Never Knew You Needed

Everyone's at it these days, so why the hell don't we have an SLS Shooting Brake yet?

Remind me later
Shooting Brake Front 600 x 400 To download your free SLS Shooting Brake wallpaper, click here Mercedes makes all manner of cars that us lot never knew we wanted (except the R-class. Nobody ever wanted that lumbering buffoon). So it’s about time that we were given the car that we never knew we needed - an SLS Shooting Brake. Remember our rendering of the Toyota GT86 SB? You lot loved it. And now that there’s a Bertone-designed Aston Martin Rapide Shooting Brake in our midst, the Germans need to man-up and provide a healthy dose of rumbling V8 competition. Shooting Brake Back 600 x 400 It seems that we’re not the only ones yearning for the SLS Shooting Brake. Car Throttle friends Youdesign also think that Mercedes is missing a trick, which is why they’ve created this stunning SLS Shooting Brake rendering to give us all a taste of what’s to come – you with us, Mercedes? We’re not asking that the three-pointed star completely overhaul the current SLS format to make an SB version – its 6.2-litre V8 will do just nicely – but we’d love a practical rear hatch and two extra seats so that more people can enjoy the 197mph SLS brilliance at any one given time.
SLS Shooting Brake adds 2 rear seats and, dare we say it, looks better than the coupe SLS Shooting Brake adds 2 rear seats, looks equally stunning
As you can see in the rendering, the supercar’s gullwing doors remain – naturally – while the standard car’s 4638mm length and 2075mm width is untouched. Boot space? The addition of rear seats would mean we’re looking at a similar 176 litres of luggage allowance (to the roof), but when you’re four-up in the world’s hottest, fastest and most dynamic Shooting Brake model, luggage space will be the last thing on your mind. Of course, Mercedes won’t consider such an endeavour without customer demand, so let’s get the ball rolling right here…
To download your free SLS Shooting Brake wallpaper, click here