Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Renderings, Roadster Coming?

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The picture you see above is an official sketch by Mercedes of their upcoming SLS AMG supercar. Eager to get a better look at it then what Mercedes has provided? LeftlaneNewsand French L'Automobile magazine are happy to oblige. Continue on for the renderings. Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Renderings I'll start first with Leftlane's brilliant rendering. Whoa! That looks nice. Far better then the SLR McLaren. This car actually relates back to Mercedes' past in some way, while the old car didn't. The car is being developed entirely by AMG this time around too. No partners McLaren or H.W.A (who was rumored to be involved), this is all Mercedes. That has resulted in McLaren pursuing a new strategy for the company going forward, as it's lucrative co-branding partnership with Mercedes is over. I always thought they'd be better off doing that anyway. Was the SLR McLaren trult a McLaren? No, it wasn't. I think it devalued the McLaren name. That's just me though, enough ragging on the SLR McLaren. It definitely is crazy fast. Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster The second one is by that French magazine. For some reason though Google Translate is having issues right now and can't translate it. We do know though that the magazine is reporting an roadster version of the SLS AMG is in the works, for a release sometime in 2011. I imagine it would be harder said then done producing though, as the gullwing (or "swing wing" as Mercedes calls it) setup would have to be reengineered and changed over for a roadster. New in the article is the information that the car will make it's debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September. We didn't know that before. The only timing we got from Mercedes was that the car would "celebrate it's launch in Spring of 2010". The Frankfurt Auto Show is shaping up to be an important event!