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Mazda’s New Engine Tech Video Is Fascinating And Mesmerising

Mazda is leading the world right now in advanced internal combustion technologies, as this hypnotic video demonstrating Spark Controlled Compression Ignition ably shows

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This is Mazda’s new video, showing off its Spark Controlled Compression Ignition combustion cycle, or SPCCI. It’s the super-lean burn cycle the company has been working on, combining elements of petrol and diesel combustion cycles into one. It’s different to the HCCI system because it uses a spark.

In a nutshell the cycle intentionally draws in less petrol on the intake stroke, compresses it much more fiercely than a normal gasoline engine does and then adds a dash of higher-concentrated fuel which is then ignited by a spark plug. That triggers further combustion at multiple points throughout the cylinder.

Mazda’s New Engine Tech Video Is Fascinating And Mesmerising - News

Merging the power of spark-led combustion with the efficiency of compression ignition generates more power from less fuel, maximising efficiency in a way that’s never been brought to market before.

Who needs electric cars, anyway? Well, if we’re honest, Mazda does. Still: well played, Mazda. We look forward to seeing – and feeling – SPCCI in action in future cars.