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TVR Sagaris - The last of the Wheeler era

I’ve always had a soft spot for TVRs. I loved the flamboyant design, hand crafted build, bespoke switchgear and unique engineering. It didn’t matter that there was a whiff of canoe glue, doors you couldn’t open in a hurry and switches which were polished metal but devoid of any markings. This made operating them exciting as you didn’t know whether you were reaching for the hazards or the windscreen wipers - just for that added fear factor when chewing up road miles at speed. They made you feel alive. Well, passengers and anybody else within a two mile radius.

TVRs are a rare sight on our roads these days but I can remember the unhinged roar they use to make even in traffic. You knew when a Chimera or Cerbera was present because you could hear it way before seeing it. As soon as I my ears were lucky enough to pick up the offbeat, straight-piped and frankly feral 8 cylinder pounding, I’d always wait until it was in full view. Even on the high street TVRs brought the ambience of a road show parade to the humble bystander.

I was going through some old car exhibition photos back when the Sagaris was new and it just looked unlike anything else there. Even when placed next to concept cars other mainstream car manufacturers could only dream about, the TVR production Sagaris held its own.

There were some changes for the final road going version such as blocking the vents on the front wings, to prevent debris the front tyres picked up from smashing the windscreen to pieces. Who said TVR didn’t have a more considerate and serious side?

I’m a firm believer in the start up procedure of a car being a large part of its character. Think of it as an early first impression. The Sagaris doesn’t disappoint. There’s an immersive assault on the senses as the ignition comes on, various pumps, fans and valves do their thing and the straight six explodes into life.

I dug out an old YouTube video of a lucky owner/driver who recorded it, and if it’s tickled the senses of would-be buyers there’s an old EVO buying guide for good measure. Hurry thought there are only a handful around and nearing the best part of £70k for a good one.

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