Living With A $3400 BMW 745i Isn't The Horrible Experience You Might Expect

A month ago Tyler Hoover - the world's bravest used car buyer - bought an E65 7-series, but so far, nothing terrible has happened

Remind me later

An E65 BMW 7-series bought for the preposterously low sum of $3400 has trouble written all over it. And yet, after one month of ownership, this 745i - bought by intrepid used car madman and YouTuber Tyler Hoover - hasn’t gone disastrously wrong.

In fact, Hoover has managed to fix an impressive amount of the car’s issues (last time we saw it, there were an amusing amount of warning lights illuminated on the dashboard) for a relatively small outlay. This left room in the budget for some Alpina-inspired upgrades, although we’re not so sure about the stripe decals…