Matt Robinson 9 years ago

Update: Leaked Pics Of The Heroic 425bhp BMW M3 And M4 Have Landed

Here's your first look at the production-ready M3 and M4

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BMW M3 Ahead of the M3 and M4's unveiling, these glorious official pictures of the cars have been leaked. As expected, the production-ready M4 looks scarcely different to the M4 concept revealed in September. BMW M3 The M3 looks a damn sight more imposing than the relatively dull 3-Series. The muscular front bumper houses some large air intakes. The rear bumper is a little more restrained, but a set of quad tailpipes are present. BMW M3 There's a power bulge in the bonnet, and a pair of gills behind the front wheels, which flow seamlessly into the crease that runs down the side of the car to the rear. 2014-bmw-f80-m3-1 While this is the first time we're seeing official images of the production-ready cars, most of the specs have been around for some time. BMW M4 Both cars will get a 3.0-litre twin mono-scroll turbocharged straight-six. That'll be good for 425bhp at 7500rpm, and 405lb/ft torque. BMW M4 With the help of a dual clutch gearbox, 0-62mph takes just 4.1 seconds. Top speed will be electronically pegged to 155mph, but there will be the option of raising it to 174mph. BMW M4 Most importantly though, it'll also be available with a conventional six-speed manual gearbox. The 0-62mph time for the manual cog box is just a touch slower at 4.3 seconds. BMW M4 Ditching the meaty V8 found in the E90 M3 will make many fans sad, but it does make a big difference to the less interesting stats - fuel economy and emissions. The M3/M4 pair manage an almost tree-hugging sub-200g/km, which will be at least 90g/km less than the outgoing V8 model. It'll also manage over 33mpg. Not bad for a 425bhp BMW M Car. 2014-bmw-f82-m4-15 Are you guys excited about the new M3 and M4? Hit the comments section below.