Alex Hamilton 11 years ago

Justin Bieber's Fisker Karma: Chrome and Purple LEDs, Baby

Yet more proof that money doesn't buy taste

Remind me later
Remember when Master Bieber received his brand new car for his 18th birthday? Of course you do. It was the day that Fisker's image went down the toilet. The American brand however can breathe a sigh of relief because purchasing a Karma is now cool again thanks to Bieber's desire to pimp-his-mobile. Brace yourself, it isn't pretty. The big change is the colour. Originally it was a subtle black paint job but now it is plastered in in-your-face chrome vinyl. Let's face it, a chrome once over is just like Marmite. It's either loved or hated. Then there are the alloys. Credit where credit is due, they're not bad. They make the Fisker look a bit menacing, evil and somewhat more manly. What's not so manly are the final changes. And those final changes involve a liberal spreading of LEDs. When used correctly LEDs are very useful, they make headlights and taillights stand out plus they're more efficient since LED bulbs last longer and are much brighter making it easier to see. Putting them under your car is almost acceptable providing they're not switched on whilst on the road and they are either red, blue or green, not purple! Yes, he's put purple LED lights under his car plus a series of LEDs around the number plate making it look astonishingly bad. In conclusion: normal, untouched Karmas are now just as cool as when they first arrived. There's also now a smaller and even more gorgeous Fisker arriving soon called the Atlantic. For the love of God, don't tell Bieber it exists otherwise he'll ruin that one too.