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It Looks Like The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon May Make 'Only' 757hp

Judging by the latest Demon teaser, Dodge's new quarter-mile weapon won't have quite the boost in power over the Hellcat many have been predicting

Remind me later

The latest Dodge Challenger SRT Demon teaser is here, but rather than focusing on the latest detail to be revealed - the Performance Pages system - people have gotten caught up with the time displayed in the top-right corner of the screen.

That’s because Dodge has already dropped a few cryptic clues in its many previous trailers, and the time happens to say 7:57. Could 757hp (747bhp) that be the power output? We - and seemingly the rest of the Internet - reckon so, particularly because the power graph of the performance pages system looks to go up to 800hp. If this is indeed the power output, it’d be a much smaller increase over the 707hp Hellcat than many had been speculating.

Still, with its fat tyres and the extensive hardware upgrades that have been detailed thus far, the Demon will have no trouble making the Hellcat look awfully silly on the quarter-mile while the ‘lesser’ Challenger is busy shredding its rear boots on the start line.

So, now that’s the hearty speculation dealt with, let’s take a closer look at Performance Pages.

Dodge - It Looks Like The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon May Make 'Only' 757hp - News

It gives a pretty real-time graph showing power, torque and gear changes, as you’ll see demonstrated rather nicely in the video at the top of the page. You can time 0-60mph, 0-100mph, eighth-mile, quarter-mile and even your own reaction times, and there are real-time displays for intercooler coolant temperature, g-forces and much more besides.

The system gives access to a line-lock feature, an rpm-adjustable launch control system and an adjustable shift light. Also new on the Demon is what Dodge is calling the “first-ever factory production car After-Run Chiller,” which will keep the intercooler pump and cooling fan going even after you turn the engine off.

Finally, the system gives drivers the option of three modes: Auto (for road use), Drag and Custom. These affect the steering, suspension, traction control, engine response and gear shifts, with Custom letting the driver pick “nearly every combination” from the various settings available.

The car will be revealed in full on 11 April at the New York Auto Show. After many, many more teasers.