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Is This Proof That The LaFerrari Has A Special Electric-Only Mode?

When the LaFerrari was announced, word out of Maranello said there would be no EV-only mode - it looks like that was either a white lie, or customers have received an update that allows silent propulsion

Remind me later

Ferrari has always maintained that its flagship hypercar could not run on electric power alone, however this latest video from Monza fuels further suspicion that that’s not strictly true.

Last month the video below emerged of a LaFerrari entering and exiting the Ferrari gates in Maranello, its V12 making quite a racket, even at low speeds. Then, at 2m 24s into the video, it silently drives past the gates, the V12 angrily kicking in as the driver accelerates onto the road.

The Monza video at the top of the page shows the exact same thing happening, which leaves us to speculate as to whether Ferrari customers requested a low speed EV mode, pushed out as an update, or if all customer cars have had this feature from the beginning.

Chances are that customers requested at least some EV range from their LaFerrari - it won’t make a huge difference to fuel economy, but running on battery alone at low speeds will certainly make the hypercar easier to live with.