If You Could Chat To Your Car, This Is What You'd Say To It

We recently asked you what you'd chat to your car about if, for 30 magical seconds, it came alive and could communicate with you. These were your brilliant, albeit worrying responses...

Remind me later

Why is your f*****g check engine light on!

5 MB
Suggested by: The Stig's Mazda Loving Cousin

Am I treating you right?

2 MB
Suggested by: dat.crossfire.guy

I'm sorry for farting on your seat

2 MB
Suggested by: Z K L

Please don’t ever leave me

4 MB
Suggested by: Tobias Lind

What engine mod do you want for christmas?

3 MB
Suggested by: Godzillaistheking

Which part of you will break next?

3 MB
Suggested by: Drifting Dutch

Did I hurt your feelings when I hit your rev-limiter?

2 MB
Suggested by: LewisHunter98

Am I a good driver?

1 MB
Suggested by: Dave Doorley

Where is that bloody noise coming from?

4 MB
Suggested by: LexBMW

When does VTEC kick in?

533 KB
Suggested by: Gnarly

Where would you like to travel?

842 KB
Suggested by: Peter Lukáč

I will never LS swap you!

7 MB
Suggested by: Raregliscor1

You can find the original community question here for more funny suggestions!