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How To Get Way More Steering Angle The Easy Way

This great guide from ChrisFix details how to reduce the turning circle of your car, which - depending on your steering setup - can be ridiculously simple

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Having a car with a massive turning circle can be an utter pain. Most of us probably just accept a lack of steering angle as an unavoidable quirk of a car, but - depending on the steering setup - it can be stupidly easy to get a little more angle.

As detailed by ChrisFix, it’s sometimes as simple as removing a pair of steering rack limiters. They’re essentially little plastic spacers that restrict steering angle, although taking them out could give clearance issues.

There are simple solutions for that though - you can either change to a different wheel with more offset, trim down the existing spacers/make your own to give more angle but not so much that the tyres catch anything, or install wheel spacers.

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