Ollie Kew 8 years ago

How To Buy Your Own Fast & Furious 10 Second Car

The star cars of the Fast & Furious franchise are now too cheap to ignore. Here's how to get started

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Fast-and-furious-6-movie While you're gearing up for Fast & Furious 6 - the must-see petrolhead movie of the summer - you might be catching up on the 'classic' F&F series and lusting after the cars seen on screen. These four-wheeled heroes have aged better than the movies' scripts, and you can now own one for tiny money. Here are ones to go for.

The Fast And The Furious: Honda S2000

s2000 Used by gangter Johnny Tran to out-drag Jesse's old Jetta, the tuned S2000 from The Fast and the Furious was hot property back in 2001, and with no replacement after it died, it's a sure-fire future classic, reminding us all of the days when Honda built cars you actually wanted to drive, and wanted to own. S2000s are down to £4000 now, packing rear-drive, 237bhp, a 9000rpm redline (like a Ferrari 458) and easily modified chassis. It's the MX-5 that the MX-5 always wished it was.

2 Fast 2 Furious: Mitsubishi Evo VII

evovii For a modern classic, Evos are pretty cheap. People are scared of their mods, scared of blowing a turbo, and a bit put off by having a boxy Japanese saloon. These are silly, misinformed people. Rally pedigree, endlessly tuneable, and a Fast & Furious stallwart. Sevens and Eights start from £7k now, and with an endless supply of online, active forum wisdom to help you, it's like having your very own pit crew on hand to help 24/7.

Tokyo Drift: Mazda RX-8

rx8 We're big fans of the RX-8, despite their waning popularity: terrifying fuel appetite and fragile engines have given them a terrible reputation, but with 238bhp for £2k, it's impossible to go faster - or drift further - for less.

Fast and Furious: Impreza WRX S

wrxsti Ahh, the last hot Scooby, before Subaru gave up on the whole game. These are still fairly modern cars, only being taken off sale in saloon form earlier in 2013, so you won't see ones cheaper than £8k for a while yet. Under the bonnet of UK cars is a 2.5-litre flat-four, turbocharged to 255bhp and driving all four wheels. You'll hit 60mph in a Boxster-matching 5.8sec and 155mph flat out. Until you mod it. Then you'd go waaayyy quicker.

Fast Five: Dodge Charger

chargers There are a few catches here: 1) Your Charger won't actually pull a safe through a city while outrunning cops. 2) Though a V8 Charger is $31,000 in the US (£20k) if you imported one it'd be a lot pricier. Such is life... Still, they seem pretty easy to steal: Toretto and co. managed to bust four from a police parking lot and drag race them through downtown Rio without anyone really noticing, so you could always pinch one. You didn't hear that from us.