Darren Cassey 8 years ago

Hot Or Not: 380bhp Lada Granta TC1 WTCC Racer

Lada's latest World Touring Car Championship racer is here! What do you think of the looks?

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490670864212 This is the Granta TC1, the car Lada hopes will take it to glory in the 2014 World Touring Car Championship. With 2012 WTCC champion Rob Huff joining the team, there's a pretty good chance the TC1 will be competitive. Under the vented hood is a 1.6-litre turbocharged four-pot, which makes somewhere in the region of 380bhp. It's also been on a diet, shaving 50kgs off last season's car, and dropping 20mm closer to the ground. Aesthetically, the boringly bland Granta has had a thorough going over. It gets 18-inch alloy wheels housed inside aerodynamically flared wheel arches, and an in-yer-face wide bodykit. Finally there's a big rear wing to keep its backside planted. So, what do you think? A brilliantly blinged-up econobox, or boring styling even an aero kit can't fix?