Matt Robinson profile picture Matt Robinson 4 years ago

Here's Your First Look At The Revamped, Edd-Less Wheeler Dealers

This new footage gives us a good look at the first series of Wheeler Dealers since Edd China's departure, which sees Mike Brewer team up with Ant Anstead

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About six months ago, long-running motoring show Wheeler Dealers was in the news for all the wrong reasons. Edd China had announced he was leaving the show due to its new production company - Velocity - apparently wanting to reduce the legendary mechanic’s in-depth coverage of fixes, effectively dumbing the show down. Immediately following his announcement, Mike Brewer and his family shockingly received death threats.

With the furore over the show’s future now mostly over, we have our first chance to see how it’ll look following Edd’s departure. As announced a few months ago, he’ll be replaced with Ant Anstead - a safe pair of hands who you might have seen on Channel 4’s For The Love of Cars - and in addition to the trailer above, he’s also seen in action in sneak peek footage below.

We don’t know about you, but watching Ant very effectively explain the inner workings of a turbocharger makes us wonder if fears of the show dumbing down are unfounded. We’ll certainly be keeping an open mind until we see the first episode, which airs on Velocity on 4 October.