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Here's Your Chance To Buy The Only Fresh Green Lexus LFA

With only 500 produced, any LFA is a rare machine, but this one is probably the only LFA to come in the vibrant Fresh Green colour

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Lexus LFA 2 With only 500 ever made, you had to act quick to get your hands on a Lexus LFA supercar new. If you missed the boat, and you have a few hundred grand going spare, we have good news: a nearly new one is for sale... green-lfa-slider The example up for grabs isn't just any LFA, it has a distinctive 'Fresh Green' finish, and is thought to be the only one in existence with that shade. It's done just 748 miles, so it's barely run in - but it's not exactly cheap: at $399,900 (£237,000), it's higher than the original US base price of $375,000. Lexus LFA The only supercar Lexus has ever made came with a 4.8-litre V10 producing 552bhp and 354lb/ft. When it arrived in 2010, those were respectable but unremarkable figures, given the sort of power outputs many of its contemporaries managed. However, it's a very light car, with the extensive use of carbonfibre reinforced plastic in its construction. Lexus LFA 3 0-62mph is possible in just 3.7 seconds, while the top speed is 202mph. With a 9000rpm redline for the V10, it sounds belting, too. The V10 was mounted as far back in the front engine bay as possible, giving great balance.