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This Is Why You Should Leave Guard Rolling To The Professionals

The metal pole isn't the only tool in this video...

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Screenshot 2013-08-28 at 15.03.13 Most men love DIY. It makes us feel useful and important, and instils us with great pride to see our handiwork on display. Unfortunately, many of us do not posses the skills our confidence implies, which explains why, in the UK, 600 people are admitted to hospital with DIY-related injuries every day. Screenshot 2013-08-28 at 15.03.30 Fortunately for this lad the only injury sustained is to his pride. Armed with a metal bar and a desire to spare his phat new wheels from rubbing, he gets to work. With the old-school KE70 reversing and the bar placed strategically atop the wheel, everything seems to be going to plan. Not for long. Shoddy workmanship from the past reveals itself, with the car falling apart in front of his eyes. In case you still want to do this yourself, here's how - without hurting your car... Video