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Here’s What Really Happened In ‘That’ McLaren 720S/Audi R8 Crash

The truth has emerged behind the recent, shocking footage of a McLaren 720S losing control and smashing into an Audi R8, if you can bear to go through the anguish again…

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Video: YouTube/the.leviathan

Like most of you, we caught a swift kick to the feels when we saw the recent footage of a McLaren 720S launching on a public street, losing control and nose-diving into a parked Audi R8. Now we have a lot more detail to bring you, courtesy of the 720S’s passenger.

Instagrammer @0fxgvn was in the second seat of the Muriwai White 720S when the driver floored the throttle and lost the back end. In the video above he speaks to YouTuber the.leviathan to tell his story, which starts close to the Rebel nightclub at Toronto’s Polson Pier.

Mclaren - Here’s What Really Happened In ‘That’ McLaren 720S/Audi R8 Crash - News

There was a normal meet and everything was fine, but some guys stayed late. 0fxgvn says:

“One of the guys had a McLaren 720 and he was just showing the car to the rest of us… and taking passengers for joy rides. He was really young. He looked, like, 16, but on paper he was maybe 18, 19.”

Video: YouTube/Amir

The young Chinese guy had completed several apparently part-throttle 0-60mph launches on the street, we’re told. It was only when 0fxgvn got in and started filming him that he “became too confident and just floored it.” You can see where this is going. 0Fxgvn continues:

“He floored it so much that I was not expecting it and I was almost holding onto my life. The rear wheels started spinning and he was losing control and trying to correct it. He completely lost control and started skidding towards the parked R8.

“The lucky thing is that it wasn’t that fast; I think it was 60, maybe 80kph at most.

“What happened was, right after the accident the driver got out and he was just running around, like, panicking.”

Image: YouTube/the.leviathan
Image: YouTube/the.leviathan

The call goes on to describe how the young lad behind the McLaren’s wheel has apparently crashed a few things before, including a Nissan GT-R. He just left the scene and disappeared, was wanted by the police for about a week and was eventually tracked down using the details from the Chinese passport that he accidentally left inside the car.

As it transpired, the car wasn’t registered in the lad’s name, but it all could have been sorted out if he hadn’t run away. Leaving the scene made it a criminal offence. 0fxgvn does say that the rumour that the young guy’s sister turned up in a Lamborghini and tried to smooth things over wasn’t true.

So there we have it. A young kid driving someone else’s supercar bit off more than he could chew and is paying the price. We’re just thankful that no one was hurt, but especially if the story about his prior crashes is true, he’s definitely better sticking to the bus.