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Here's The Terrifying Moment A Cop Narrowly Escaped Getting Crushed On The Highway

A police officer in Wisconsin had an extremely close call while helping a motorist with a flat tyre when her patrol car was hit by a pickup truck

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Officer Hilary Lundberg had an extremely close call on Monday, when a pickup truck smashed into her patrol car on the I-94 in Hudson, Wisconsin.

She’d stopped to help a motorist with a flat tyre, when a pickup truck smashed into the back of her patrol car at speed. She narrowly avoided getting collected by the Ford Taurus, which was shunted all the way over to the other side of the highway.

Speaking about the accident, Hudson Police Chief Marty Jensen said:

“I was just thankful my officer is alive and not injured…She looks up and sees the car coming and she’s got basically no place to go because there’s a gap between the two bridges. So if she were to jump over the ledge, there’s a chance she would fall into the river.”

The 31-year-old pickup driver was treated for “non-life threatening injuries” - one of which we’re hoping is a slap round the chops for not paying enough damn attention while driving.

Source: Valley News