Here's More Proof The Toyota Yaris WRC Is The Angriest Rally Car Of Our Time

A compilation of footage from last weekend's Monte Carlo Rally proves that Toyota's anti-lag happy Yaris is the best sounding of the new WRC cars

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Thanks to testing footage, we were already knew the Toyota Yaris WRC was an angry-sounding son-of-a-gun. But with 2017’s first round - the Monte Carlo Rally - now done and dusted, it’s been proven beyond doubt that the competition-spec Yaris has the most furious exhaust of all the new WRC cars.

The Yaris - born out of WRC’s radically revamped regulations - arguably sounds its best at low engine speeds andoff throttle, thanks to all kinds of brilliant anti-lag-induced pops and bangs firing out of its pipework. Compare that to the Ford Fiesta RS WRC, which sounds great, but much more restrained.

None of these cars can compete with the glory days of Group B, but they’re easily the most exciting rally machines we’ve seen at the top level for years. And just look at the back of that Yaris! It looks like a Storm Trooper’s face…