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Here's How The Very First Tesla Model S Shooting Brake Is Shaping Up

The Norfolk-based coachbuilder behind a stunning Model S shooting brake conversion has released a short video showing an almost-completed car

Remind me later

Remember that Model S shooting brake conversion we were checking out a few weeks ago? It looks to have progressed rather nicely.

Last time around, Jonny Smith of Fifth Gear fame was making the first cuts to the P90D donor car, but now the bodywork appears to be as good as finished. We only have this short video to go on, but a full reveal on YouTube channel Fully Charged is being promised.

Norfolk-based coachbuilder Qwest is behind the car, and while it’s a one-off project for now, we may well see more conversions. The firm has invested in the kind of moulds necessary to create a succession of Model S shooting brake body panels, should you fancy a Tesla wagon of your own.

Meanwhile, a Dutch designer has penned his own take on the Model S estate, due to be built and launched early next year.