Here's How Fantastically Detailed A $15k Bugatti Veyron Model Is

If you pay $15,000 for a model car, what are you getting for your cash? Watch this video to find out...

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Unsurprisingly, spending $15,000 on a model car buys you quite a lot of detail. In the case of this five-figure, one-eighth-scale Amalgam Bugatti Veyron Vitesse, you get a working airbrake, LED lights and indicators, an illuminated interior and much more besides.

Each one is built by hand, taking over 300 hours to make. Amalgam even has the proper CAD data supplied by Bugatti, to ensure its models are as accurate as possible. In other words, it’s the sort of thing you want to display where your cat/child can’t knock it on the floor…

Video via Car Scoops