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Here's A Full-Size Honda Civic Type R Made Of Lego

This full-scale Type R model is made from 320,000 Lego bricks and took 1300 hours to build

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Building full size Lego models of cars seems to be becoming almost as much of a ‘thing’ as Nurburgring records these days. Only a few weeks ago McLaren revealed its latest Lego creation - a Senna made from 467,854 bricks - and it wasn’t that long ago the Bugatti was making noises about a driveable Lego Technic Chiron. Now Honda has entered the fray with this Type R.

Built primarily to plug the new ‘Lego Masters’ show due to air on Australia’s Channel Nine in a few days, it’s arguably not quite as fancy as the aforementioned Senna and Chiron. It doesn’t have working doors and a beautifully-recreated interior like the Senna, and you can’t drive it like the Chiron.

Honda - Here's A Full-Size Honda Civic Type R Made Of Lego - News

But the level of detail is impressive, with - unusually, for one of these models - all wheels and tyres reproduced using Lego bricks.

A chap called Ryan McNaught led a team of nine for the build. He’s a ‘Lego Certified Professional’, by the way, which might just be the best job title ever. A steel frame was used to support some 320,000 Lego bricks, which were assembled over 1300 hours.

The car also has working headlights, DRLs, fog lights, hazard lights, brake lights and reversing lights. All of these can be controlled via an iPad.

Honda - Here's A Full-Size Honda Civic Type R Made Of Lego - News

If you’re thinking the Civic’s rather angular design made it a tricky thing to replicate in Lego, you’d be right. “We’ve loved the challenge of this project. The car is shaped with a considerable amount of curved lines, making it a tough but interesting build,” McNaught said.

Fancy an up-close look? The Lego Type R will be displayed in various places across Australia in the next few months.