Alex Kersten 8 years ago

Half-Car Trailers Are The Coolest Way To Haul

Chopping a broken car and turning it into a trailer is easily the best way to haul. Check out these 10 examples

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rs4 trailer While browsing Twitter this week, we spotted an impossibly cool Impreza trailer that we simply had to show you. In true CT style, you guys came up with the 'Ha, I can top that' goods, posting chopped trailers that you deemed to be more worthy of our attention. Here, in no particular oder, are a few of your suggestions, with a couple of our own thrown in too. 1. 2CV trailer: Jan Miedzinski 2cv trailer 2. Mustang trailer: Ethan Adams Mustang trailer 3. Volkswagen Splitty trailer: Daniel Busker volkswagen splitty 4. DeLorean car trailer delorean-car-trailer1 5. Audi RS4 trailer: rubenmatthys rs4 trailer 6. Subaru Forester trailer: Overdraftautolife forester trailer 7. Ford Capri trailer capri trailer 8. Honda Civic trailer: Yuval civic trailer 9. SVT Ford Contour owned by Joe Barnes ford contour trailer 10. Jaguar E-type trailer: Classic Motor Cars jaguar e type