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Genesis G90's Suitably Swanky Cabin Revealed

Hyundai's luxury division has revealed all about its recently teased G90, plush interior included

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Genesis G90's Suitably Swanky Cabin Revealed - News

Genesis has given its G90 luxury waftmobile the full reveal treatment, and we’re leading with images of the interior. Why? Because Hyundai’s luxury division already posted a bunch of pictures of the exterior a couple of weeks ago. And in any case, this is the most important bit - the cabin must be plush enough to sway buyers of cars like the Mercedes S-Class and Audi A8.

From the images, at least, it looks like a suitably lovely space to spend time, and from our recent experiences with the smaller G80, the choice and quality of materials should be first-rate. Further sprucing things up, there are two independently controllable panoramic sunroofs flanked by “mood lamps” and neat touches like dedicated magazine and book storage in the back.

Genesis G90's Suitably Swanky Cabin Revealed - News

Each G90 comes with four “ergo-relaxing” seats with 10 air cells to give four different kinds of massages. Two of the rear seats are reclinable, and in the four-seater version, they’re separated by a central armrest with an eight-inch touchscreen that operates things like the lighting, curtain position and climate settings.

There are two more 10.2-inch screens fitted on the back of the two front seats, while in the front, the driver gets an infotainment system and digital instrument cluster combined in one big display.

Genesis G90's Suitably Swanky Cabin Revealed - News

To make sure rear-seat passengers aren’t disturbed by warning sounds, these are all piped into a speaker on the driver’s seat headrest. And just in case the G90’s no doubt vast quantities of sound-deadening materials aren’t enough to make for a hushed cabin, Genesis has added a noise cancellation system that works through the 23-speaker Bang & Olufson sound system.

Propelling this 5.2 - 5.4-metre capsule of wood and leather is a 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 providing 375bhp. In the long-wheelbase version, the V6 powers all wheels and is supplemented via an electric supercharger drawing power from a 48-volt mild-hybrid setup.

Genesis G90's Suitably Swanky Cabin Revealed - News

The LWB G90 also gets multi-chamber air suspension as standard. The setup works with a camera that scans the road ahead, varying the behaviour of the air springs depending on how the road ahead is looking. For instance, if it detects a bump, it’ll raise the front of the car by 10mm in preparation. There are also sensors that can tell if the car’s going down a steep slope, raising the body by 25mm to stop the floor of the car from slapping the road.

Genesis G90's Suitably Swanky Cabin Revealed - News

So the G90 doesn’t feel quite so damn big, there’s a rear-wheel steering system available (again, standard on the LWB version). It can turn the rear wheels in the opposite direction of the fronts up to four degrees at lower speeds, and in the same direction up to two degrees when you’re going faster.

If you like what you see and live in Europe, we have some bad news. The car is “not currently scheduled to be on sale in Europe,” Genesis says. Here’s hoping minds are changed further down the line.