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Ford Suing Dealer Which Allegedly Bought And Sold John Cena's GT

The case of Cena's Ford GT has a new development, as it transpires the dealer responsible for buying and selling the car is also being sued by the Blue Oval

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Ford isn’t particularly happy with WWE star and living, breathing Internet meme John Cena. The Blue Oval has a 24 month no-sell clause for buyers of its hyper-exclusive GT supercar - to protect against flippers - which it claims Cena broke by selling the car just two weeks after taking delivery.

Ford is currently suing the star as a result, although he’s insisting that the company never put the clause in the final contract. Now, there’s been a new development in the case: Jalopnik is reporting that the dealer responsible for purchasing and selling Cena’s GT - Chico, California-based New Autos Inc - is being sued by Ford also.

In fact, the dealer lawsuit - which was covered locally but seemingly missed by the mainstream media - was served before the one to Cena. The wrestler received his on 30 November 2017, while New Autos Inc was served on 22 November.

Ford had tried and failed to stop New Autos from selling the car, although the dealer claims it was sold several weeks before Ford had been in touch. Ford is after damages, court costs and the return of the car from the establishment, in what seems to be a much more complex case than the one involving Cena himself.

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We’re not sure we like Ford’s chances, either. Mecum sought legal advice before selling another Ford GT at auction recently, and it went ahead without a hitch. The car ending up fetching over $1.8 million.

A Mecum spokesperson said prior to the auction:

“The Judge did rule in Mecum’s favor, that we could sell this car. And if Ford wanted it back, they were welcome to come here and bid on it. So this is a publicly legal sale of a GT. We had some people worried there was gonna be some repercussions, there’s no repercussions with this car. It was contested in court, you bid on it, you buy it, it’s yours. It’s America, you can buy and sell what you want.”