Darren Cassey 6 years ago 0

Fail Friday: This Guy Wrecked His M3 30 Minutes After Buying It

We can't imagine how embarrassed this guy must have been when he realised it was a write off

Remind me later
5726629 A driver in Scunthorpe, Britain, learned a very expensive lesson about driving high-powered performance cars this week. The unnamed driver wrote off his E92 BMW M3 in a high speed accident just 30 minutes after buying it for £28,000. The incident happened on the M181 shortly after 1pm on Sunday January 19th. The M3 went into a spin, smashing the front end into the central barrier. It eventually came to rest facing traffic in the fast lane. Fortunately the driver managed to escape unharmed, however local police report that he was incredibly lucky to walk away. We imagine the only thing hurt was his pride...