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F1 Is Launching Its Own Perfume Range And The First Bottles Cost Over £7000

Having a new Formula 1 branded perfume is one thing, but having to pay four figures for a special edition bottle is quite another

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F1 Is Launching Its Own Perfume Range And The First Bottles Cost Over £7000 - Motorsport

From Bluetooth speakers shaped like Pirelli tyres to coffee machines with a Marlboro livery, there really is a piece of F1 merch for all purposes. Now you’ll be able to smell like it too as F1 announced that it will launch its own perfume range next year and is celebrating with an initial run of limited edition bottles.

Produced in collaboration with Designer Parfums, the perfumes will be available to buy globally from March 2020.

But, if you can’t wait until then and happen to be in the Paddock Club in Abu Dhabi this weekend, you can go and get your hands on some limited edition bottles which “have been specifically inspired by the world of Formula 1, uniting technology and dynamism with heritage and storytelling” - whatever that means. You’ll also have to pay just over £7750 for one. Gulp.

Each of the three limited-edition bottles also has a typically generic name which just sound like a couple of relevant adjectives that have been drawn at random from a hat: ‘Agile Embrace’ is “based upon principles of form created from flow”; ‘Fluid Symmetry’ is “derived from the evolving organic lines of the cars aerodynamic design”; and ‘Compact Suspension’ apparently “references the engineering of advanced innovative structures.”

When the F1 perfumes launch to the general public next year (now there’s a sentence I never expected to write) in a less elaborate bottle design, the price will be a slightly more palatable £195.

There are going to be five different scents available - here’s hoping they have some slightly more F1-themed names, too. ‘Eau Rouge de Toilette’, ‘Vettel No. 5’ or a nice bottle of ‘Estee Lauda’ would do us just fine.

A version of this article was originally published on WTF1