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Formula 1

Epic Video Compares Hamilton’s 2016 And 2017 Pole Laps At Silverstone

This video comparison of Lewis Hamilton’s 2016 and 2017 pole laps at Silverstone is brilliant proof of just how much faster this year’s monstrous new Formula 1 cars are compared to their predecessors

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Hamilton crushed the Silverstone lap record in qualifying for the 2017 British Grand Prix, with a 1:26.000 being over two and a half seconds quicker than the previous best lap on the current configuration.

YouTube user RandomnessOverall has taken onboard footage of Hamilton’s 2016 (the former record) and 2017 pole laps at Silverstone and put them side-by-side, to show just how much quicker these new cars are.

Watching onboard footage of the 2017 beasts powering through the quick corners really is amazing…