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Employee Overinflates Tyres On Boss’ Jeep With Potentially Explosive Consequences

The employee inflated his boss’ tyres to 97 PSI, mistaking it for filling percentage

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via Reddit
via Reddit

Here’s a word of advice: never let someone else fill your tyres. Sure, it seems like a pretty straightforward task, but get it wrong and it could prove deadly. As most of us know, tyre pressures are commonly measured in PSI, but never in percentages. However, that’s news to one employee of an Iowa demolition company according to a story doing the rounds on Reddit.

Robert, the owner of said company, asked the employee to fill the tyres on his 2016 Jeep Cherokee. The employee proceeded to inflate them to 97 PSI before the inflator presumably could do no more. At this point he called Robert and said “Hey boss, just taking care of fixing the pressure for you. I don’t know what’s going on, but it doesn’t go up to 100%.”

Confused, Robert asked him to send a picture of the tyre pressure read-out. The boss reportedly took one look at the photo before calling the employee back and telling him to immediately “get the f* away from the car now, man.”

Jeep - Employee Overinflates Tyres On Boss’ Jeep With Potentially Explosive Consequences - News

The employee had even driven the SUV on overinflated tyres for about a mile before he made the call. We’d imagine that was one hell of a bumpy journey – the tyres must have been rock-solid.

For context, a normal tyre pressure should usually be between 25 and 50 PSI, so the Cherokee’s tyres would have been under immense stress.

We assume the bomb squad was busy, because Robert then had to deflate the tyres on his own as safely as he could. According to reports, he donned a night-vision camera and bulletproof vest in the hope that they would offer some protection in case the tyres exploded, and crawled on his belly to let out the air. Robert says the gust of air that shot out of the tyres was immense, but thankfully none of them exploded.

Robert, the four tyres and the Jeep came out of the incident unscathed. The employee also survived, although his ego was probably a bit worse for wear, and he no longer works for the company – it’s unclear whether he left on his own terms, was fired or was just too embarrassed to show his face again…