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Max Verstappen Fans - My Story [Rant Post]

© @Max33Verstappen (Twitter)
© @Max33Verstappen (Twitter)

Max Verstappen, moderately successful Dutch F1 driver who followed in the footsteps of his father, Jos, who was a driver in the 1990s and early 2000s. He has 4 wins to his name along with 17 podiums, including one at Singapore just last week.

Verstappen is known for his relentless speed and unwillingness to give up. His skills are well known and is often compared to the greatest of F1.

This is all well and good. Don’t get me wrong, Verstappen is a fantastic driver, and if you’ve been following me for a while, you may know that I’m not a Verstappen fan and that I don’t like him. Here’s why:

To start with, I think that he is way over-hyped for his apparent Senna-like skills. I get it, he’s a good driver, but nowhere near as good as Senna, he will always be the greatest in terms of skill.

Secondly, he is overly aggressive on track for no apparent reason, giving him the name “Mad Max”. Look at Monza for example - trying to force Bottas onto the grass wasn’t going to end well, for either of them.

Next is his dad. Jos was once quoted as saying “Never again criticize Max’s driving style”. I seem to find that quite amusing, from a guy who scored 2 podiums amd a measly 17 points across a 9 year career in some of the best F1 machinery at his disposal at one point, especially his 1994 season at Benetton alongside Michael “The greatest and flawless” Schumacher. How weak are you when you have to get your dad to stand up for you?

And lastly, the whole point of this post, is the fans. Oh god, the Verstappen fans. I get it, the Dutch are proud to see such young talent in the sport after an absence of a Dutch driver for many years, but here’s my story.

© Formula 1
© Formula 1

The official F1 fan page uploaded a clip of the post-race press conference after the Singapore GP, where this happened.

A British reporter kindly said to Lewis, “You were just too good”, which he was, a fantastic race for Lewis. Then Max decided that he was going to be funny.

Max then said, to the reporter “Oh, thanks mate”, fair-do, then proceeded to stick both his middle fingers up at him. Now, for an F1 driver in the public eye, this is a bit of a sketchy move. If Lewis or Seb did this, they’d be in an absolute sh*tstorm of controversy and hate, but not Verstappen, he seems to have gotten away with it, somehow.

Me being me, I decided to take to the comments and voice my opinion. Here’s what I put…

NB - blurred because bad word...
NB - blurred because bad word...

I will be honest, I could’ve voiced my opinion a bit better, without the attitude, but after seeing this I wasn’t in a very good mood anyway.

Then came the orange army of Verstappen fans. 85 replies I got on that one single comment… 85!! I shall sample some of the finest from my collection below…

By the way, I have absolutely no shame I’m publishing their their usernames.

And this is just the start of it. Just wait until we get into the personal insults. Oh, these are fantastic…

I actually had one user go into my profile, check through my old posts, and then decide to use that as an insult, how petty do you have to be to find a 3 year old post and use that as evidence?

Max Verstappen Fans - My Story [Rant Post] - Formula 1

I have some more of the generic classics too! Take a look… (Most of which don’t make sense)…

Max Verstappen Fans - My Story [Rant Post] - Formula 1
Max Verstappen Fans - My Story [Rant Post] - Formula 1

Then there’s this guy… The classic f-off… Doesn’t even have the balls to say the actual word…

Max Verstappen Fans - My Story [Rant Post] - Formula 1

And then there’s this. The original. The quintessential internet insult. The classic die a lonely death in a hole one.

Max Verstappen Fans - My Story [Rant Post] - Formula 1

Then it got worse. There was one user who decided to take to my profile to vent their anger. They decided to leave this comment on my latest post about Fernando Alonso…

Max Verstappen Fans - My Story [Rant Post] - Formula 1

Death threats? Dude, un-freaking-cool. How petty do you have to be to use that as an insult. With my depression and all, what would he have done if I actually did decide to end it? He probably would of laughed and brushed it off. Low life .

Then the worst comment of all came in. I don’t have a screenahot because I deleted the comment as soon as I saw it come through. Imagine this -

A random user you’ve never met before is angry that you’ve “insulted” his favourite racing driver. He takes to your account, finds the saddest post you have, and then decides to leave a hateful comment on there.

The post in question was related to my cat who passed away over 3 years ago. He scrolled down to the post, and left a comment simply saying, and I quote…


I was simply so offended that some low life scumbag so-called F1 ‘fan’ would come onto my account and insult me in that way. I absolutely lost it at that point, he just crossed the line of ‘what the f*ck’…


It has also been reported that Verstappen fans have been agressive on race days (at the circuit) towards other spectators. Not surprising really.

My main problem with Verstappen fans is this. You “disrespect” Max, and they go absolutely insane, they lose their minds. They then in turn insult your favourite driver and get nowhere near as much abuse for it, it just doesn’t make sense.

Max “May as well be Schumacher” Verstappen may be a good driver, but I have absolutely no respect for him or any of his fans.

Anyone else had this problem with Max fans? Let’s talk about it below…

Thanks all for reading, drive safe,