DDPAI Mini 2 Review

This is the dash cam I am currently using. It is called the DDPai Mini 2 and it cost me £69.99.
It cost about £21 more than dashcam I used to use.

Although it costs more, it isn’t necessarily better in all areas…

It is wider than the Mini 0801s but not as tall, so it is still very discrete in your windshield.
One problem with the Mini 0801s was the sticky pad was grey, so it was visible and it didn’t look very nice. So overall the Mini 2 is the most discrete dash cam that I have used.

If you remember from my reiview of my old Mini 0801s you will know it was cheap, had lots of stuff built in, but its reliability was awful.
So far the Mini 2 has been very reliable.

The DDPai has their own app that you can use with any of their dashcams. The app can be used to get a live video feed, change camera settings and download photos and video straight from the camera to your phone. You can also share them with its built in social features.

The mini 2 has good build quality and feels very sturdy. The box it came in was nice and well packaged too. It even came with a little tool to help remove interior trim to fit the cables. It also includes a wireless button for taking snapshots and saving a short clip a few seconds before you pressed the button, to a few seconds after the button was pressed.

Picture quality is pretty good. Picture and video is bright and clear, but can get very blurry when it gets dark.
You can record in either 720p 30fps, 1080p 30fps or 1440p 25fps.
I use the 1080p 30fps option.

The camera is fixed in place so once the sticky pad sticks, it cannot be moved easily. It does come with a spare pad so if you mess up the first time, you have a second try at positioning it. The camera can rotate upwards and downwards.


The good
•Still quite cheap
•Good picture quality
•Very reliable
•App works on a large range of devices (it even worked on my old android phone running Ice-cream sandwich)
•Uses a capacitor so it should last longer than battery powered cams in the long term.
•Comes with a plastic trim removal thinggy
•App is easy to use
•Its shape makes it very discrete and well hidden
•Its says “Hello, DD pai” when it turns on (this can be disabled)
•Its shut down sound is the PSPs old startup sound! (this can be disabled)

The bad
•No quick release mount
•Microphone sounds very muffled and is very quiet

Would I recommend it?

It is a very reliable dash camera with decent image quality. And since its an older model, they can be found kinda cheap. (DDPai replaced the Mini 2 with the Mini 3)
Its shape also means it stays very hidden.
I would recommend this to anyone, but if you have extra cash, I would probably go with the Mini 3 as that improves on everything and features a quick release mount.

This post was different from my usual posts, but I hope you enjoyed it.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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Great for car spotting!

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for some reason this makes me really want a car…

12/19/2018 - 02:28 |
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