Daihatsu Somehow Avoids Rolling At The Nurburgring

In this incredible footage shot at the Nordschleife, a little Daihatsu Cuore is seen coming perilously close to rolling over

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Daihatsu - Daihatsu Somehow Avoids Rolling At The Nurburgring - Nürburgring

Take a look at the image above. It looks like a car on the verge of rolling over, right? Somehow, though, a seemingly inevitable crash at the Nordschleife was avoided when this plucky little Daihatsu Cuore came back from the brink of disaster.

In the footage above, we see the pint-sized hatchback steaming into view, going sideways (presumably lift-off oversteer), before mounting one of the ‘Ring’s infamously steep curbs. This throws the car up on two wheels, past what looks to be the point of no return, before the vehicle drops back down to the tarmac with a hefty thump. As you’d probably expect, the interior shot is quite sweary.

The Cuore didn’t emerge entirely unscathed, with the uploader reporting “damaged wheels, damaged windshield, doors and front fender miss aligned, suspension damaged, too much camber on front wheel,” but still, it could have been so much worse for the car and - more importantly - the occupants.

Via Bridge to Gantry