Alex Kersten 8 years ago

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Nearly Killed This Driver: This Is His Story

Warning: this video contains footage of a track day driver's exposure to Carbon monoxide. He survived, but viewer discretion is advised

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Picture 23 This harrowing video footage - shot in May 2012 - shows the effects of Carbon monoxide poisoning (a colourless, odourless and tasteless toxic gas) on a driver. Picture 25 While behind the wheel of his Toyota MR2, Carbon monoxide (CO) fills trackday driver Sami Mäkäräinen's cabin while he narrates his lap. Shortly thereafter, he spins his car off the track due to CO exposure, which has dulled his senses and made him drowsy. Because Finnish race regulations stipulate that a car's windows must be closed, the deadly gas continues to fill the cabin. Picture 24 After pulling off the track, Mäkäräinen sits and waits for the marshals to attend. As he waits, the gas continues to fill his lungs and he loses consciousness. When marshals finally smash the window, unlock the doors and drag him to safety, the driver's blood oxygen level measures just 63 per cent. According to the man himself, he suffered a 'strong headache' for three days after the incident. The shocking video below shows these events unfold and raises an important question: why aren't all cars fitted with CO sensors and alarms? As Mäkäräinen states in the video description, please be respectful towards the medics and marshals; 'They did everything they were trained to do' Video - viewer discretion advised: