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C8 Chevrolet Corvette Owner's Final Drive Before Selling Up Ends In A Crash

Just after selling his Chevrolet Corvette, Spencer Everette took the car for a "last hurrah" drive. It did not go well

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A few weeks back, we learned that someone wrecked an Acura Integra Type R having auctioned it off online for $51,000 only one night earlier. And now, similarly highlighting the perils of taking your car for ‘one last thrash’, we have this sad case from Greenville, North Carolina.

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Spencer Everette took his C8 Chevrolet Corvette out for a “last hurrah,” with a sale planned for the following day. Given how difficult it is to get hold of a new C8 right now, Everette was likely to have done very well out of this transaction. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be. Speaking to WITN, he described joining Highway 11 just to the north of Greenville and “gunning it,” which resulted in him losing control of the car and running off the road.

The C8 came to rest on its side, but judging by all the grass and other debris on the opposite flank of the car, this might have been a full-on rollover crash. The Corvette, which looks to have the optional high-level wing and the Z51 package (judging by the tyres), is likely a write-off.

C8 Chevrolet Corvette Owner's Final Drive Before Selling Up Ends In A Crash - News

The new mid-engine Corvette is known for being pretty forgiving at the limit considering the kind of car it is, with a setup that tends to favour understeer when pushed. However, it’s still a rear-wheel drive car with 488bhp on tap, so carelessness can easily lead to consequences like this.

Thankfully, no one else was involved in Everette’s unplanned off-road excursion, and he escaped without injury. That should prove as some consolation to losing his Corvette and the Highway Patrol charging him with reckless driving.

Source: WITN via GM Authority

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