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Brexit Means British Drivers Will Avoid EU Speed Camera Fines

EU countries won't be able to send speeding fines to UK motorists due to the country's exit from the Cross Border Enforcement directive

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Brexit Means British Drivers Will Avoid EU Speed Camera Fines - News

If you’re a UK motorist papped by a speed camera in the European Union, there’ll be no more anxious scanning of the post after you get home. Brexit means an end to the UK’s participation in the Cross Border Enforcement directive, which allows forces to send fines for motoring offences committed in cars registered to other EU nations.

Around half a million British drivers set off speed cameras every year in France alone, Car Throttle sister publication Auto Express reports. This means - once mass tourism is a thing again - French authorities are set to miss out on as much as €60 million in annual revenue.

This is a two-way street, so you might think it’s bad news for the UK too since the country’s police forces can no longer chase visiting EU residents for fines. However, in reality, it’s not that simple. A couple of years ago This Is Money reported that it was difficult for British authorities to chase up fines in other EU countries, many of which hold the owner of the car liable rather than whoever was driving as the UK does.

Brexit Means British Drivers Will Avoid EU Speed Camera Fines - News

The UK’s withdrawal from the EU and the Cross Border Enforcement makes no difference to fines issued by officers at the roadside, meanwhile. Plus, if you’re flashed by a speed camera while driving a rental car, you’ll see be charged an admin fee by the hire company.

The reprieve may not be permanent, either, with Britain and France apparently working on an arrangement that’d see cross-border fines resumed, and similar mechanisms with other EU nations may follow. As with the many post-Brexit negotiations taking place with countries in the bloc, though, we can expect this to take some time.