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BMW Stuck A Massive Knife On An M2 Competition For A Weird World Record

As far as world record go, this new one from BMW - which sees an M2 chopping up bits of bamboo by going sideways - is pretty niche

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As car driving challenges go, this is probably one of the hardest - and daftest - there is on the Internet at the minute. The idea is partially given away in the title: ‘The Cutting Edge Stunt’.
In short, it involves fastening a blade to the rear of an M2 Competition, getting the tail out, and aiming for a row of bamboo poles.

The stunt, which has taken many months of planning and fine-tuning according to director Oisin Tymon, was not just for show. There was a new world record at stake, too. And it has all been captured in a seemingly Thor-inspired setting.

The previous best was 87 straws, but BMW cut that down to size - if you will excuse the pun - by destroying 117 rolled-up bamboo mats in under sixty seconds. To make it easier for the driver, these rows were arranged in a half moon shape so the blade on the back of the largely showroom-specification car could scythe through these during the drift.

BMW - BMW Stuck A Massive Knife On An M2 Competition For A Weird World Record - News

“This is a very tricky bit of driving - it is virtually impossible”, stunt coordinator, Marc Higgins, explains. “The demands on the M2 Competition are immense. Every drift has to be performed with absolute precision; there is no room for error. A strong presence and agility naturally help a lot.”

It seems records are a ‘thing’ for BMW bosses at the minute; only recently a laser was bolted onto the front of an M2 Competition car and used to burst almost 80 balloons…

By Jason Craig