Bizarre Monaco GP Crash Flicks F1 Car Sideways Into Barrier

They weren’t even on the lead lap, but Pascal Wehrlein and Jenson Button were eager to race hard anyway and it led to a scary but very odd crash late in the Monaco GP

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There wasn’t really any overtaking at all during the Monaco Grand Prix, but a few drivers still gave it a go – including McLaren’s Jenson Button. But it didn’t end well.

The British driver, replacing Fernando Alonso while he races the Indy 500, wasn’t on the lead lap but still wanted to have some fun, so tried a very ambitious move on Pascal Wehrlein’s Sauber into Portier.

But he clipped Wehrlein’s left-rear wheel, which put the Sauber into the air and onto two wheels, hitting the barrier and coming to rest on its side. Wehrlein was OK but couldn’t get out of the car until it was back on all four wheels.

Up until that point, not much had really happened in Monaco. Kimi Raikkonen led the way but Sebastian Vettel stayed out longer in the first stint, jumping his Ferrari team-mate.

The Button/Wehrlein clash brought out the safety car and closed up the pack, but Vettel was unbeatable to take victory, ahead of Raikkonen and Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo – who also jumped drivers with a later pitstop. Following his disastrous run in qualifying, Lewis Hamilton managed to recover to a valuable seventh place.