Become A Supra History Expert In 4(ish) Minutes With This Evolution Video

Want to make sure your Toyota Supra knowledge is up to scratch before the new version gets here? Just watch this awesome video

Remind me later

With the new ‘A90’ Supra slowly edging towards production, it seems like a good time to make sure we all know our stuff when it comes to the car’s predecessors. Happily, this new video from Cars Evolution - the same people behind a similar Lamborghini history video we looked at earlier this year - tells you pretty much everything you need to know in four and a bit minutes.

We’re taken from the 1978 ‘MA45’ Celica Supra through to the 1994 A80, and given some details about the new Supra. As a bonus, there are some interesting nuggets of information at the end, noting things like movie appearances and technical achievements.

There’s a rogue apostrophe and the odd typo here and there, but we’re willing to let the odd bit of grammatical untidiness slide as it’s generally a cool video.

Did you learn something new?