An All-Electric Toyota AE86 Exists, And We're Not Even Mad

An electric AE86 drift car is showcased in this episode of TheHoonigans' Daily Transmission series, and it'll happily shred tyres

Remind me later

If you thought LS-swapping a Toyota AE86 was sacrilegious, you may wish to look away now, as you ain’t seen nothing yet. This AE86 is surely one of the weirdest in existence, as in place of the screaming, stock ‘4A-G’ is a purpose-built DC motor intended for drag racing. And the boot is full of batteries.

Despite the load in the trunk, weight distribution isn’t quite as skewed toward the back as you’d expect, and the weight’s been kept down to a modest figure too.

It makes 330lb ft of torque instantly, meaning the electric powertrain will happily overcome the 205-section rear boots. Make sure you watch through to the donuts at the end - with no engine noise accompanying the tyre-shredding session, it’s all just a bit odd…