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Problems us Car Guys have owning a Classic

So recently I bought myself a 1989 E34 BMW 525i and to say the least, I’M IN LOVE! And within the first week of owning it, I’ve already faced so many problems, not with the car, but with the people i know. Bearing in mind that I am 18-year-old so you can imagine the reactions of my friends with their Vauxhall Corsa Limited Eds and their MK7 Fiestas. I did not buy it to get reactions anyway, I bought it because I am simply in love with the E34; I truly believe it’s one of the most beautiful looking motors to exist, but that’s just my opinion.

BMW - Problems us Car Guys have owning a Classic - BMW Owners

The main sort of comments I get straight away are “Why’ve you bought this, the cars older than you!”, “Does it even work?”, “It must be crap, where’s the built in Sat-Nav?!” that one makes me laugh, i just have to stand there and know that there is no way of explaining to these ‘non car guys’. It really is a shame, how I can have so much love and passion for something that someone else sees as a lump of old worn out metal. But that’s just us car guys have to live with! I feel very sorry for the JDM guys that have to explain to their mothers why putting £5000 into a 20 year old civic is wise, but its just what we do!

BMW - Problems us Car Guys have owning a Classic - BMW Owners

Another problem I face is when I’m sat in traffic lights and next to you pulls up a 1.4 litre VW Polo with a straight pipe and 4 certainly not straight lads in it thinking they’re going to smoke you, its always good fun seeing their little faces drop. But people just underestimate these old birds to thinking that they are too fragile to wheel spin off the line, but that’s what makes them great, what puts the smile on my face. Hearing my straight 6 lump rev up to 6000 rpm, its like ecstasy to my ears.

To conclude, everyone thinks I’m silly for buying it, but honestly i could not care less! Its my baby, slightly broken baby, but never the less I’m going to be putting money into it, and this is the start of my Car journey, with many more projects to come. Thank you for reading!

Francis Connor