5 reasons why you should not buy a used Honda Civic.

5 reasons why you should not buy a used Honda Civic. - Readers' Reviews

I love my 1996 Honda Civic. It’s a nice little car to ride every roads and surprisingly, you find yourself with a smile on the face when drive it. Sadly, there’s a lot of people that doesn’t understand why we like Hondas. If you want to avoid this, here’s 5 reasons why you should not a used Honda Civic.

  1. You are going to have mechanical problems.

When I bought it, the fuel tank was perforated. The last owner tried to repair it with fiber glass instead of changing it. When I changed it, the check engine light turned on not after three days. I scanned it and it said that my cat-back is dead. I have other problems, but let’s go to my second subject.

  1. People will hate your car.

People will hate you and everything on this car is going to be total scrap for them. This car is going to be fun and games until your friends will notice you sitting behind the stearing weel of your Civic. They won’t call this a Honda, they will call this a lawn mower. Someone told me that I was a ricer because I had a Honda Civic and it was completly stock! Fun thing about this is this guy drives a bike.

  1. It’s not fast.

Non v-tec Hondas are slow and in particular, the d-series. Even if you put your foot down, it won’t be that fast.

  1. Don’t even think to put modifications on it.

If you are putting mods on it, don’t tell it to your friends, they are going to say “ Why don’t you buy another car insteand ? It’s a waste of money”. Anyway it’s your car so feel free to do what you want with it. Also, if you put external modifications on your Civic, your going to have the attention of every police car you will meet (well, in my country).

  1. Rust.

I’ve been quite lucky when I bought my Honda Civic, there’s not that much rust on the car but there’s a side that it’s all scratched, but, I’ve seen a lot of Honda Civics for sell that was rusty and the paint wasn’t looking good.

Even if it’s some negative points of the Honda Civic, there’s a lot of good points that this car has which make me a proud owner of a little Honda. Don’t choose any car by the taste of someone else because maybe you won’t like it.