A Patent Filing Means A Subaru BRZ STI Might Happen After All

Could the incredible STI Performance concept actually be made a production reality? This patent filing from Toyota gives us hope...

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Subaru - A Patent Filing Means A Subaru BRZ STI Might Happen After All - Japanese

Back when Subaru revealed its STI Performance concept at the 2015 New York motor show, we said that if it didn’t lead to a faster BRZ, a riot would be the only acceptable response. However, it’s looking like our empty threats might have been in vain, as it might well be happening after all.

Yes, we know that we’ve been promised that Holy Grail of a quicker factory Sciyotabaru BR-S86 through countless unfulfilled reports and rumours ever since the rear-drive coupe’s launch, but this latest one is worth our attention. According to AutoGuide, Toyota has just filed a patent in Japan for the exterior design of that STI Performance concept we fell in love with, crediting Fuji Heavy Industries (the parent company of Subaru) as the creator.

Of course, this could be yet another ray of false hope, threatening to burn our optimism to cinders at any moment, but hey, we want to remain hopeful. After all, a turbocharged GT86, FR-S and BRZ that looks like this is a seriously enticing prospect…